About us


Opened at the beginning of September 2001 Skin and Laser Surgery Center is the first center in the Lithuania dedicated solely to the skin problems: from traditional surgery and dermatology to the practice of modern laser surgery.
Our staff of physicians consists of high qualification specialists: dermatologists, skin surgeon, onco-dermatologist, angiosurgeon and plastic surgeon. Today, Center’s physicians, board-certified in their specialties and specially trained in laser surgery, bring their own exceptional expertise and commitment to this rapidly advancing corner of medicine…and to the patients it can do so much to help. We can effectively and safely remove vascular lesions, spider veins with laser. 

Congenital and acquired pigmented moles and other pigmented skin lesions, those that may transform into malignant ones or simply distracts your natural beauty can be easily and effectively removed. Not only traditional plastics operations are performed in our center. Plastic surgeon performs a modern facial laser resurfacing that dramatically minimizes the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Angiosurgeon performs laser vein therapy or combines it with injection sklerotherapy. In our Center we give all high level world services only five- ten times cheaper. 

The foreigners are also welcome. The course of the treatment takes about one week. For the period after surgery there are comfortable in- patient wards. Our Skin and Laser Surgery Center continues to explore and apply medical findings and technologies that can make a difference in people’s lives.

With skill and compassion, the physicians and staff at the Center are removing external barriers to the confidence and well - being, helping patients realize their vision of better self.